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Award Winning Homes

BROADWAY, Libertyville


2014 Awards & Certifications

  • Crystal Key - Excellence in High Performance High Efficiency Home
  • Gold Award - Custom Home
  • ENERGY STAR, Five Stars, HERS 36

(Click above link to understand HERS Ratings and how MH ranks!)

ASBURY, Northbrook


2013 Awards & Certifications

  • Crystalline - Energy Efficient Home
  • ENERGY STAR, Five Stars, HERS 50

HOMEWOOD, Libertyville


2012 Awards & Certifications

  • Crystalline- Outstanding Green Construction
  • Gold Key- Outstanding Custom Construction
  • NAHB Green Certified Home
  • ENERGY STAR, Five Stars, HERS 45

YALE, Arlington Heights


2012 Awards & Certifications

  • Gold Key- Outstanding Green Construction
  • NAHB Green Certified Home
  • ENERGY STAR, Five Stars, HERS 51

PARKVIEW, Libertyville


2011 Awards & Certifications

  • Gold Key- Excellence in Custom Home Construction
  • ENERGY STAR, Five Stars, HERS 49

MEADOW, Libertyville


2011 Awards & Certifications

  • Gold Key- Excellence in Custom Home Construction
  • ENERGY STAR, Five Stars, HERS 59

HERS Rating

The HERS Index scores buildings on a scale from zero to 100 where each point equals a 1% increase in energy consumption.  The lower the number the better.  For example, a home with an excellent HERS Index of 50 uses half of the energy used in a home with a HERS Index of 100.

For comparison, the average home built to the 2006 building code would get a HERS Index of 100.

✓Given the same building plans, two homes could be built to look exactly the same on the outside meeting all local codes and yet have vastly different HERS Index ratings because of the building science and infrastructure systems used in the home.

Based on independent third party ratings, Meyer Homes properties HERS Index built in the last three years average 36 and are in the top 3% of all ENERGY STAR qualified homes in the Midwest. 

Building Science Leadership

Meyer Homes can offer high quality homes at affordable prices because we pay close attention to the latest trends in building science then integrate the best ideas in the field when it makes sense.  

Through continuing education, seminars from leading manufacturers, local & national associations and from our ENERGY STAR Partnership, we integrate practical and money saving ideas into building Meyer Homes, everyday.


Customer Satisfaction & Testimonials


Our focus is to provide the best quality at the best price to meet your needs and expectations, then deliver your project on time and within budget.

We love building and remodeling homes and want you to enjoy it, too! 

Building a great home takes more than a great plan, it takes great communication and attention to your details.  

That’s why we stay accessible with regular meetings, through cell phones, texts and email.  Together, we make projects easy and ultimately more satisfying, through the MH Project Tracker™.


You can stop looking, you've found your builder; he's Brad Meyer.  If you are reading this, you are like my wife and me were, about to begin a project that came with a huge commitment of time and money and you want to be sure you are choosing the right partner.  You will look back on choosing Brad as the easiest, and best, decision you made on your project.


Above all else, Brad is a great guy.  That absolutely matters when you think about the hundreds of transactions, phone calls, texts, and e-mails you'll have with your general contractor.  In addition to being the consummate professional, Brad is friendly, polite and punctual.  He is happy to be a builder and it shows every day.  Brad follows through on commitments and ensures his trade partners do the same.  His chosen tradesmen are gentlemen; you won't feel uncomfortable with any of them in your home.


You will feel as if your project is the only one on which Brad is working.  Of course, he is busy because he is so good, but you'll always feel like your project is his top priority.  Brad is a full service general contractor.   There is no task too small and no detail too minor for him handle personally.  Brad is responsive, too.  With him, you are hiring a person, not a company.  Although I usually reached him directly and immediately, if I had to leave a message, it was returned timely without exception.  


With Brad, you'll get a partner who will watch after your money as if it was his own.  His reasonable pricing structure is set up so that he does not profit from driving up your costs.  He'll be a budget hawk for you and will offer multiple options at every decision point.  Brad has fantastic resources to help you with design, trim selection, appliances, carpet, tile, paint, plumbing, electrical and more.  If your dreams are bigger than your budget, Brad has creative ways to try to get you what you want.  We could not have been happier with our finished project.  Even though we knowingly made several decisions that cost us more than originally planned, Brad helped us control expenses.  Brad delivered more than we expected, under budget and ahead of schedule.    


Brad and his trade partners do exceptional work.  He installed high end, great looking finishes for us at reasonable prices.  He worked with us to create a vision for our project and then exceeded our expectations every step step of the way.  All the tradesmen involved in our project performed top notch work in a timely fashion, cleaning up after themselves and making a point of creating minimal disruption for my family.


Brad has a state-of-the-art, yet easy to use, website that will help you make decisions, track your spending and preview what happens next.  The website is an excellent vehicle for asking questions of both Brad and his trade partners.  You can also use the site to look at photos, bids, and drawings of proposed work.  The website helps you stay on schedule and within budget.

If you are starting a major project ,that means you are about to spend tens of thousands of dollars with whomever you choose as your builder.  

If you want to have no regrets, choose Brad Meyer.  

If you want to be completely satisfied at the end of the project, choose Brad Meyer.  

If you want the absolute best, choose Brad Meyer.


Dale Sherman

What was terrific about working with Meyer Homes to redo our kitchen, was they ALWAYS did WHAT they said they'd do....and WHEN -- PRETTY DARN SPECIAL!!  And did it graciously, efficiently, and beautifully!    It doesn't get any better than that when you live there, and you have a major project going on in your home!  Thank you Meyer Homes, and Crew!!  

Betty-Ann Moore

Over the years, we have used several different contractors for  work on our home.  Meyer Homes is not only the best, but stands far above the others, for many reasons.  Their proposal was clear and carefully detailed, so that we knew what we would be getting.  They introduced us to several new high-quality subcontractors and suppliers.  They provided an unusual degree of personal participation, assuring coordination among the subcontractors. They negotiated on our behalf, saving us costs in several areas.  I recommend them without hesitation.

John Moore


Basement looks wonderful!  Kids love it- so Brian & I love it even more!

Thanks for everything.

Allison Lechner

The basement project turned out fantastic.  I will definitely use Meyer Homes for future projects as well as highly recommend to my friends. 

Brad is professional, honest, and a sincere pleasure to work with.  By all means, add my name to your referral list.

Pat Runde

Lana & Brad,

We are loving our new MEYER home.  Great getting to know you this past year and a half. 

Thank you so very much.

Happy New Year,

Jen & Tom Schmit

After working with other builders I had a clear idea of  how most of them work. I chose Brad for the quality of the homes I saw as well as his collaborative nature and his commitment to meeting my budget & timeline without sacrificing quality.  He definitely delivered on his commitments and met my high expectations. Overall, I’m thrilled with our award-winning home!

Toni Gray

When we decided to build, we braced for the kinds of horror story challenges that are par for the course with almost any other builder...but they never came.  Not only did Meyer Homes build our dream house on time and under budget, but they made the experience downright enjoyable along the way. They balanced cost and quality, expert advice and listening, speed and attention to detail.  We truly could not give them a higher recommendation.

Rob and Winnie Davis

When looking for a builder to build our home, we wanted to work with someone who we could trust.  

We interviewed and viewed the work of several reputable builders.  Ultimately we chose Brad because the of the quality of workmanship and the deep trust he built with his previous clients.  We thoroughly enjoyed the building process and would not hesitate to recommend Meyer Homes.

Jim & Jan O'Brien

We are so happy in our new home!! We now live in a beautiful custom home with finishes that you would normally find in a million dollar home, but ours was affordable. We've been told by several friends that we live in a "Pinterest" house.

We've never built a house before but I've heard horror stories. Brad was incredibly easy to work with. If something wasn't exactly what we wanted, Brad continued to make changes until is was right and continues to do so. Even after we closed on the house and it's really no longer his to deal with, Brad has continued to tweak things if they need it.

I am not a technical person but the online tracker made communication with Brad very easy. It was a great system to stay on track and know what decisions needed to be made and when. We really don't intend to move from this home for many, many years but if we ever decided to build again, we would definitely want to work with Meyer Homes again.

We couldn’t be happier!

Jen & Cameron Hatten

Dear Brad,

We just wanted to let you know how much we absolutely love what you’ve done for our home! Our kitchen and master bath are admired by everyone that sees them!  Working with you was an absolute pleasure, as you have defined yourself through a level of professionalism not many can match!

Our doors are always open to you if you haven’t completed your “final phase” photo collection...we also have many photos of the process along the way, if you find a need for them. 

Thank you again for all of your hard work and patience with us through it all.  We wish you & your family a Happy Thanksgiving,


Austin & Adrienne Johnson

One of the greatest compliments we can pay Meyer homes is continuing to be a repeat customer.  We have had the pleasure of working with Brad on several projects over the years, from simple re-modeling jobs to complete transformations, and could not be any happier with the results.  Brad’s hand-on approach and attention to detail is unmatched.  Every project was completed on time, on budget and with the highest quality workmanship.  If you are looking to build your custom dream home or just renovate your existing home, we strongly recommend working with Brad.   

Rick & Jill Turco

As the president of Energy Diagnostics Inc I would like to offer up my congratulations on your on going achievements in your building practices as they relate to Green building and energy efficiency performances. Meyer Homes Inc is always making  it to the top of the certification levels on it's Energy Star Labeling. Meyer Homes is averaging a HERS energy index of 50 points that puts them in the top 5 % of what's being constructed in the midwest region. Your homes are not just environmentally friendly and energy efficient but sustainable for your clients, keep up the great work. 


Jerry Thatcher


Energy Diagnostics, Inc.