Our focus is to provide the best quality at the best price to meet your needs

and expectations, then deliver your project on time and within budget.

Building Science Leadership

Meyer Homes can offer high quality homes at affordable prices because we pay close attention to the latest trends in building science then integrate the best ideas in the field when it makes sense. 

Through continuing education, seminars from leading manufacturers, local & national associations and from our ENERGY STAR Partnership, we integrate practical and money saving ideas into building Meyer Homes, everyday.  

For new customers...once we start your project you’ll be able to use this service to:

  1. Make & Track Selection Decisions

  2. Review the Schedule & Milestones

  3. See Up-to-Date Project Financial Total

  4. Review Approvals & Change Orders

  5. Ask Questions & Get Answers

  6. Review Project Photos

  7. Review Important Documents

  8. Review Warranty List

  9. Get E-mail and/or Text Message Updates

Customer Satisfaction

We love building and remodeling homes and want you to enjoy it, too! 

Building a great home takes more than a great plan, it takes great communication and attention to your details. 

That’s why we stay accessible with regular meetings, through cell phones, texts and email.  Together, we make projects easy and ultimately more satisfying, through the MH Project Tracker™.

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Award Winning Homes! Awards.html

Every year we strive to build the very best homes that meet our clients needs and wants,  and then we submit our work for peer review.

The Home Builders
Association of Greater Chicago (HBAGC) is the founding chapter of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and has been evaluating Chicagoland builders for 40 years.

Through our association with other builders locally and nationally, we stay fully informed on best practices, building codes and market trends.

While client satisfaction is our first priority annual judging by peers gives us an even broader measure of success.

We are very proud to announce several awards. 

What People Tell Us!
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