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Energy Efficient Improvements: 
Effective Insulation Systems
High–Performance Windows
Tight Construction and Ducts
Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment
ENERGY STAR Qualified Lighting and Appliances

Meyer Homes builds high quality ENERGY STAR homes that provide:

  1. Peace of Mind

  2. The result of a home that’s built better.

  3. Compared to a home built just to meet local codes, ENERGY STAR qualified homes pass additional, rigorous requirements and are independently tested to give you extra satisfaction and confidence.

  1. Enduring Quality

  2. Better systems make all the difference.

  3. Using an integrated systems approach, ENERGY STAR homes have the right energy-efficient features for you, have lower maintenance and are built to last.

  1. Wall to Wall Comfort

  2. A better way to live.

  3. A home with a tight envelope and efficient HVAC helps ensure consistent temperatures between rooms and improves indoor air quality which can reduce allergies, moisture and minimize noise.

  1. Proven Value

  2. A better investment for today and tomorrow.

  3. Using less energy helps the environment and saves you money each month.  ENERGY STAR qualifications help identify high quality homes for purchase or resale and gives you a long-term resale advantage over other less efficient and unqualified homes..

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“As the president of Energy Diagnostics Inc. I would like to offer up my congratulations on your on going achievements in your building practices as they relate to Green building and energy efficiency performances. Meyer Homes Inc is always making it to the top of the certification levels on it's Energy Star Labeling. Meyer Homes is averaging a HERS energy index of 50 points that puts them in the top 5% of what's being constructed in the midwest region. Your homes are not just environmentally friendly and energy efficient but sustainable for your clients, keep up the great work.”
Jerry Thatcher
President, Energy Diagnostics, Inc.

Meyer Homes ENERGY STAR qualified homes exceed the highest standards!


Inspections Include:

  1. 1.Design Review

  2. 2.HVAC & Insulation Inspection

  3. 3.Final inspection & testing


ENERGY STAR is a joint program between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  It is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protecting the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

To earn the ENERGY STAR certification a home must meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency set by the EPA, making them 20–30% more efficient than standard homes.  A homes can achieve this level of performance through a combination of energy–efficient improvements, including:

The HERS Index scores buildings on a scale from zero to 100 where each point equals a 1% increase in energy consumption.  The lower the number the better.  For example, a home with an excellent HERS Index of 50 uses half of the energy used in a home with a HERS Index of 100.

For comparison, the average home built to the 2006 building code would get a HERS Index of 100.

  1. Given the same building plans, two homes could be built to look exactly the same on the outside meeting all local codes and yet have vastly different HERS Index ratings because of the building science and infrastructure systems used in the home.

Based on independent third party ratings, Meyer Homes properties HERS Index built in the last three years average 50 and are in the top 5% of all ENERGY STAR qualified homes in the Midwest.

This label indicates the HERS rating for Meyer Homes ENERGY STAR rated homes.


An ENERGY STAR rated product label shows estimated yearly operating cost and amount of energy use.

As an ENERGY STAR Partner since 2006, Meyer Homes personnel and sub contractors are fully trained and appropriately certified every year.

Inspection Process

Just like a manufactured product that has an ENERGY STAR label, for a home to qualify it must meet certified building science practices and guidelines, then pass additional inspections.  A final inspection is conducted by a Residential Energy Services Network Inspector (RESNET) who uses the Home Energy Rating System Index (HERS Index) to assign a specific score to the new home.

The HERS Index is the recognized standard for rating a home’s relative energy production versus consumption.  Qualified ENERGY STAR homes get a label (posted on the electric box) with their individual HERS rating.

An ENERGY STAR qualified home label shows the HERS Index.  A separate report provides estimated yearly energy cost and is unique to each home.


As one of few ENERGY STAR partners on the north shore of Chicago, (and one of only 4300 nationwide) Meyer Homes has built ENERGY STAR homes with outstanding energy ratings, exceeding national standards and averages by 40-60%. Based on independent third party ratings, Meyer Homes properties built in the last three years are in the top 5% of all ENERGY STAR qualified homes in the Midwest.

We are very proud to offer our customers a unique benefit that provides:

    1. 1.Immediate return on investment through energy savings.

    2. 2.Improved living comfort and overall durability of your home.

    3. 3.A long-term resale advantage over other less efficient and unqualified homes.

The Label


A Net Zero home scores “0” on the HERS Index and would have $0 utility costs!  This is the pinnacle of energy efficiency, but it requires a large front-end investment in energy production equipment because you create all the energy needed to run the house.

On the other end of the HERS Index, a home at 100 points would cost significantly less to build but have significantly higher utility bills.

How energy efficient do you want to be? 

It’s a matter of preference and budget.  Just like you consider fuel efficiency as a feature for a new car, there are economic and performance trade offs.  We can help you evaluate the trade off by showing you the return on investment for each energy saving option you may consider.

The Meyer Philosophy

Build the greenest house you can afford. 

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From: BUILDER 2012

Posted on: March 26, 2012 4:55:00 PM

By Amy Albert, senior editor at Builder magazine.

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